Back to my Roots! A Ghanaian Sisterlocks journey

Yes there are sisterlock weaerers in Ghana! This blog shares my experiences and those of some of my clients and other natural hair fanatics in our part of the world.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The beginning

Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for the compliments!

I started my Sisterlocks with barely an inch of natural hair tipped with some wispy permed ends that I refused to let Nikki my consultant in London cut off completely! I confess to wearing a wig for the first 6 weeks, I was traumatised by so much scalp showing. I kept looking at Nikki's beautiful strong shoulder length locks and could not imagine how mine could EVER look like that. I am posting some 'early days' photos for you to see. Notice how the hair has thickened and matured.

Back in Ghana on Christmas holidays 2002, reactions to the 'starterlocks' ranged from my twin sister Amba's 'What are those? I want some!' to 'what are those UNTIDY things in your hair? Are they PERMANENT? Are they DREADLOCKS? And a myriad of questions. Noone was unmoved by them! lol.

My connection's timing out today(some of the hassles of living here!) so I will quicky post this and put in the photos later.


I started this Blog to let Sisterlocked 'sisters' all over the world meet and know what was happening to Sisterlock wearers in Ghana. I had some technical difficulties with my first blog 'sislocksghana' so I am starting all over again. sigh.

My name's Ama and the photo shows me with my 3 year 11 month old sisterlocks. My beloved twin sister Amba also wears sisterlocks. My lock journey started in Paris where I first heard about Sisterlocks. I eventually had them done in London (by Nikki) as there were'nt any Sisterlock consultants in Paris in 2002-2004. Back in Ghana, I mantain and tighten them myself after taking the Sisterlock Training course in New York in 2003.

This is the back view of my hair. I set it on the large size SOFTSPIKE CURLERS that I read and saw on Leighanns blog. The result was amazing but only for a couple of days! The curls are four days old in the photo, they've dropped into gentle waves.